11/30/2012 10:49:00 AM

A Krug-Infused Pop-Up for Those with Rich Tastes

Photo courtesy of 85 Swaines Lane
We probably can all agree that this is some shameless branding-induced self-promotion, but we also admit to really, really wanting to visit the ludicrously titled Krug's Institute of Happiness pop-up set in what appears to be a glass box in the middle of Highgate Cemetery. It's actually 85 Swaines Lane, a private residence overlooking the picturesque site. Running for only four days at an eye-watering price of £440 for two people, Portuguese chef and enfant terrible Nuno Mendes of Viajante, in the former Bethnal Green town hall, will serve up "a multi-sensory journey identifying the various means, actions and memories we call upon in the search of happiness," washed down with buckets of Krug, no doubt.

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