11/20/2012 10:28:00 AM

A Chicagoan in New York City: The Food and Drink Edition

NYC, I am trying to love you.
Time to learn a little about your lowly Chicago blogger. You have seen our name on Zagat for the past six months, but during that time, we've not returned to beloved New York City to explore what's happening in the kitchens of the culinary capital of the United States (sorry, Chicago, we love you, but you are not there yet). Last weekend, we changed that, with a food-fueled voyage to Manhattan and Brooklyn. With an ambitious list of restaurants and bars plus an insatiable appetite, we packed our bags and left for the weekend. When we returned, our stomachs were full, and opinions on the Chicago food scene had been drastically altered.

Have a gander at which spots we checked off our list and how they compared to our options in Chicago.


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