11/28/2012 10:11:00 AM

5 Great Spots for Sipping Hot Chocolate in Boston

There's nothing like a rich cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day in New England. But don’t wait for the snow; here’s a short list of haute hot-chocolate spots. Anything you love that we left out? Do tell.

L’Aroma Cafe: This European-like cafe on Newbury Street in the Back Bay is a great spot to visit, especially when the windows get all steamy and you’re cozy inside with a cup of actual milk chocolate melted with steamed milk (617-412-4001).

Crema Cafe: It’s the real deal here: this laid-back Harvard Square cafe combines bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate for a not-too-sweet cuppa, served with whipped cream, of course (617-876-2700).

L.A. Burdick: Until Jacques Torres comes to town, we have our own bona fide hot-chocolate litmus test: the single-source hot chocolate at this Harvard Square chocolatier, or the usual, a blend of Caribbean and South American chocolates that make a cup just as rich and delicious (617-491-4340).

Max Brenner: Naming himself the Chocolate Man, you bet there’s more than one way to enjoy the signature drink at this Back Bay emporium: spicy Mexican chocolate, thick Italian chocolate, mocha with a shot of espresso. In all, there are seven varieties (617-274-1741).

Thinking Cup: After skating on the Frog Pond in the Boston Common, head to this Downtown cafe nearby, and ask for it by name: the French chocolate, a more intense, concentrated hot chocolate than the traditional blend of cocoa with milk. Both are made with 100% cocoa powder and sugar (617-482-5555).


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