11/07/2012 01:14:00 PM

5 Burger Chains Worth Checking Out in Chicago

This Colorado transplant will soon be served in Chicago.
Sometimes you just need a burger but what to do when the craving hits and you don't have a reservation at one of these tried and true burger joints, and can't make it to one of the top five burgers in Chicago? Enter the burger chain. No, we are not talking about that royal option at the arched alternative, and yes when the situation calls for it a Five Guys burger will suffice, but we prefer something a bit more gourmet. The local burger chain; a semi-recent phenomenon that lets a single burger restaurant rapidly expand across the country taking with them their unique take on America's favorite menu staple. Here are 5 burger hubs with roots or outposts in Chicago. Let us know about your favorites in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #BurgerWeek.


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