11/22/2012 09:00:00 AM

3 Alternatives to Roast Turkey

It's Thanksgiving in the States today which doesn't mean a whole lot to us here in London except that Christmas is around the corner. Get warmed up for the big event with these 3 easy ways to eat turkey now.

Turkey Burger at Giraffe Burgers
Each of the burgers (Grilled, Cobb, American, Sloppy Joe) can be made with a ground turkey patty which is lighter than a beef burger but more tasty than chicken.

Turkey and Bacon Sandwich at Birley's
The secret to making the best sandwiches in London? It's the top quality ingredient and simple recipes - like the award winning roasted breast of turkey and crisped bacon - that have kept this specialist sandwich bar in business for over 25 years.

Turkey Schnitzel at Mishkin's
This 'kind-of' Jewish deli is where you'll find a crispy schnitzel made with turkey and served this house greens, a tangy apple compote & mustard sauce to give it an extra kick.

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