11/28/2012 11:28:00 AM

2013 Los Angeles Nightlife Survey: Who Came Out on Top?

It's important to know where to eat, but Angelenos will always love to get their drink on, whether it's at a dive bar, a cocktail lounge or a white-hot celebrity nightclub. And all of those and more have been rated by more than 2,800 surveyors in the 2013 Los Angeles Nightlife guide, which drops today. Atmosphere, Decor and Service are put to the test for more than 500 bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants where the nightlife scene is as important as the food. Think: Comme Ca, which tops the list for Romantic Spots, Ray's & Stark Bar for Outdoor Dining and its great cocktail program, Bouchon for Power Scenes and Gjelina for People-Watching. So where is LA drinking these days?

It's no surprise that Chateau Marmont still ranks above all others for Atmosphere, as well as Hotel Bars and Celebrity Sightings. The Abbey takes the prize for Popularity, and is still number one on the Gay and Lesbian scene. For Best Service, top honors go to the Peninsula Hotel's Club Bar, which is a perfect hideaway for a martini or glass of wine. And The Edison's decor continues to wow everyone. 

While the cocktail scene continues to evolve, the experts are tops at Varnish, the Eric Alperin-driven speakeasy within Cole's in Downtown LA. But the trend is starting to veer toward s simplicity with places like Neat, which serves top-shelf spirits sans mixers, fruit or foams, and bars that focus specifically on tequila and mezcal (Las Perlas), whiskey (Seven Grand) or rum (CaƱa).

Other trends: beer bars continue to proliferate, as do themed spots like Frenchie Pour Vous and Southern bell Sassafras; Hollywood is back with places like the velvet-roped AV, the vaudeville-esque Bootsy Bellows and the hidden Writer's Room; and drinks with a view come courtesy spots like Drai's and Skybar.

In addition to our newly redesigned guidebook - which you can get here - you can also scope out the new ratings and reviews for free across Google Maps, Search, Google+ and mobile. And let us know your thoughts on the results in the comments below or via Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatLA2013.

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