10/15/2012 01:23:00 PM

YumeWoKatare Ramen Shop Opens in Cambridge

Craving serious ramen now that's fall? New Japanese arrival YumeWoKatare opened in Porter Square, Cambridge, this past Friday.

The cozy shop, which seats about 14, is the first U.S. location opened by Japanese restaurateur Tsuyoshi Nishioka, who owns five restos in Japan.

Right now YumeWoKatare offers two types of ramen, both with pork. The "regular" ramen includes two pieces of pork ($12); the other “buta” ramen gives you five pieces of pork ($14). But Nishioka says he’ll expand the menu after the new year. The place offers counter service and takeout.

The interior is simple and casual with blue walls and some communal seating. For decor, Nishioka has guests write down their dreams and goals, frames them and hangs them on the wall, for a fee. A small-frame costs $10, and your dream hangs on the wall for a month. A larger frame costs $30 and hangs for three months. Ask about the ambitious 10-year dream plan.

The telephone number to the restaurant is being connected at present, and a website is forthcoming. The place buzzes Tuesday through Saturday, dinner only.

1923 Massachusetts Ave., Porter Square, Cambridge; 617-714-4008


  1. Dear Zagat, I believe the number you've published is the owner's private cell phone number. He got a random call on his cell when I was with him last week and when he asked the caller how they'd gotten his number, they said they'd found it on the web. He really doesn't want his private number published as the restaurant's number. You can call him to confirm this. Thanks. http://japaneseamericaninboston.blogspot.com/

    1. thanks - but that is not us. The number above is for the restaurant, which is not working yet. I have the owners private cell number and we did not publish it. Thank you.