10/26/2012 02:36:00 PM

Weekend Openings: Hyperion Public, The Humble Potato Debut

There just aren't enough gastropubs these days, are there? Hyperion Public is slated to debut in Silver Lake this weekend, so says Eater. The restaurant has been in the works for some time, taking over the former Flying Leap Cafe, a neighborhood joint not always lauded for its food but more for its place in the community. According to HP's manifesto, the goal is to become the Los Feliz and Silver Lake go-to for comfort food, especially fried chicken, burgers and mac and cheese, and beer. The decor is what you'd expect for a public drinking house circa 2012: reclaimed wood, Edison light bulbs, long community tables, funky metal stools. The upstairs is a bit more sultry and intimate, with a bar and space for live entertainment. There have been a few mock dinners this week, with the official (soft) opening any day (2538 Hyperion Ave.).

There's a new Japanese-inspired burger joint on the scene via Westchester. The Humble Potato is home of the "hamabaga," a sort of Tokyo-American hybrid that could only come out of Los Angeles. Founder Eric Ong fuses the flavors of both worlds in burgers, fries, salads and shakes, sort of in the same vein as Umami Burger or Fuku Burger, but not quite. Just "100% American," he sates on the website. The space is sleek-casual cool; the burgers look hot (via Grub Street). The Humble Potato opens in the Loyola Marymount-adjacent nabe today (8321 Lincoln Blvd.; 323-989-2242).

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