10/17/2012 02:58:00 PM

Trend Alert: Pop-Up Bars Are Becoming a Thing

Pop-up restaurants are so 2011. It seems like pop-up cocktail bars are becoming the next thing (and just in time for Mixology Week). The other night we visited a NYC townhouse that was taken over by the brand Cointreau - they tricked out a four story event space and dubbed it La Maison Cointreau, letting members of the public register online for timed entries (which is also a trend). Those lucky enough to score a resy to the shindig were rewarded with free drinks, which reminds us of the "enchanted garden" that Hendricks Gin sponsored a while back and the roving "House of Walker" Scotch installations that we've noticed. All of these were open to drinkers who were tuned in (aka addicted to social media) enough to find out of them. Maybe brand pop-ups are a kind of new secret bar? Moral of the story: find your favorite hooch and watch their feeds.

Drinkers in San Francisco and LA should take note of the Cointreau party - the gratis drinks will be popping up in their towns for three days each come November. Check out this website to score one of those timed entry slots.


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