10/31/2012 01:18:00 PM

The Sultry Side of Ice at The Aviary

If there is anything we learned from our Mixology Week hangout with Charles Joly of The Aviary, it is that they do not mess around when it comes to ice (watch their "On The Rocks" cocktail explode in our face here). Little did we know that behind the scenes, a man known as "the ice guy" was hard at work molding, freezing, carving and chipping away at the 25-35 kinds of ice (flavored and non-flavored) served in cocktails on any given night.

This stunning video shows off a few of the frozen creations served in, around, on top of or part of the drinks. Never a group to say no because it's never been done before, the staff utilized custom molds and signature techniques to create an ice program unlike any other bar in the country and perhaps the world. "As long as it's good once, we will figure out how to make it good a hundred times," said Micah Melton, sous chef at The Aviary.


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