10/08/2012 08:55:00 AM

The Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Grid Cocktails At Pouring Ribbons

When Pouring Ribbons opened in the East Village, we took note of their innovative "cocktail matrix," which charts every drink on two scales: refreshing versus spirituous and comforting versus adventurous. Last night, we finally dropped by to test it out, and you can call us a convert to this grid system. While each drink is individually rated on the menu (which you can see here) the true magic is the X/Y axis graph that is printed on the front of the cocktail list.

Each beverage is numbered and charted accordingly, providing a visual representation of exactly what you'll get. You can figure out what you're feeling on the chart and then choose whichever drink comes the closest. It's accurate as far as we can tell - when we described how we were feeling, the bartender helped graph our thirst, and we landed strikingly close to the Negroni. Seeing that we are currently addicted to Negronis, it was a fit. We'd love to see every libation list plotted out in such a fashion, but for now we'll happily hang out here when we feel like playing cartographer (225 Avenue B).


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