10/04/2012 11:50:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Pimientos de Padrón at Boqueria

It's been a while since chef Seamus Mullen left the kitchen of Boqueira, but on a few recent visits the tapas joint seems no worse for wear (though we're note sure it quite reaches the level of his Tertulia). We dropped by for some snacks the other day and dug into the menu of affordable bites. The cheese and charcuterie plate hit the spot (as did our glass of Cava) and the lamb skewers were meaty and delicious, but our favorite dish was the Pimientos de Padrón, a plate of seared shishito peppers that was dusted with course sea salt.

The offering is totally simple,  but the lack of bells and whistles is exactly what makes it so good. Order these to start off and leisurely peck at them and decide what else to order (or while you wait to gather the nerve to ask for one of everything).


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