10/12/2012 01:11:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Parsnip Puree at Prasino

Things we love about fall: apples, braised meat, dark spirits and, of course, lots of soup. A fall menu preview at Prasino provided all of the above. Our tasting included several new cocktails, including one made with North Shore #6, pear syrup, apple pie Kentucky shine, lemon and allspice dram. In addition to the cocktails a four-course meal included duck confit, short rib pappardelle, Moroccan spiced lamb and red wine poached pears with pumpkin spice cake.

All we wanted was to curl up in a warm blanket and listen to the rain after last night's comforting meal.

Our favorite dish of the evening dripped with the essence of fall. A parsnip puree with cranberry confiture was the perfect beginning. The creamy puree was rich and hearty, but the subtle flavor of parsnip was a mere vessel for the flavorful bits of sweet cranberry. Nothing marks the change of seasons like a warm bowl of soup made from seasonal vegetables. Even better when those vegetable are sustainable, part of Prasino's eco friendly philosophy.


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