10/11/2012 03:44:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Crostini at Frankie's 570

We dropped by Frankie's 570 in the West Village last night and it seems that the buzz has cooled of the space a bit. It was totally easy to grab a table (or in our case, a spot at the bar) in the half-empty room, but the folks in the house were still young and clearly keen to try some pasta. We did have a bowl of spaghetti with bacon - particularly fitting for this week - but the favorite thing we tried came from the crostini section of the menu. One was topped with airy and light ricotta, while another was piled with caper, anchovy, lemon and cannellini. Each was $4 and although they were on the small side, we were definitely left wanting to try more. In fact, next time we go back we might just bring $24 and make a meal out of a half dozen.


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