10/10/2012 09:10:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Waffle Fries at Chelsea Grill

The Chelsea Grill is a Hell's Kitchen mainstay - it's affordable, better than the diners that line this strip of Ninth Avenue and popular with the theater folks who frequent the hood (there was a young ingénue studying her lines at a neighboring table when we visited in the early evening). While the eatery is pretty nondescript, there is one reason to make this into a destination: the waffle fries. Sure, Five Napkin Burger is right across the street and their patty is superior, but their sides got nothing on this joint's.

The golden-brown fries that come with the patty are perfectly crisp, and all that surface area provides ample room for way-too-much ketchup. Our only complaint was that the serving size was a tad small. In fact, next time we think we'll just skip the burger and order a full plate of these puppies (675 9th Ave.; 212-974-9002).

Photo: Lodigs via Flickr 


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