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The Best Quotes from Life After Top Chef

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Bravo's ridiculously TMI new series, Life After Top Chef, premiered last night, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of former cheftestants Richard Blais, Spike Mendelsohn, Fabio Viviani and Jen Carroll. Oh. Hell. Yes. We knew this was going to be sufficiently depressing, but as the episode opened last night, it became clear very quickly that we had no idea just how much of a trainwreck we were in for. As soon as the cameras started rolling, the Dr. Phil-style confessions started spewing out. Spike only did Top Chef to become famous, Fabio knows how much the ladies love him, Blais fights with his wife, Jen has a huge ego and swore too much in the last episode, etc. We'll spare you the recap, but check out some of these spectacularly shocking (slash douchey) quotes from last night's premiere episode.
  • "I'm Spike, I'm the new face of like...heartburn." - Richard (A dig at Spike's acid reflux drug shill.)
  • "Before Top Chef, I was completely broke and didn't really have a  clear direction, my motivation to be on Top Chef was pure fame. I wanted to be famous, I was one of those pompous chefs." - Spike
  • "I wanna make sure people see how sincere and nice I am with other people. I kind of see myself as a male version of Martha Stewart."  - Fabio
  • "I was born on a prep table, I was stirring tomato sauce ten minutes later. After Top Chef I decided to be a smart guy and capitalize on my fame. Obama comes to me when he needs to have a burger." - Spike
  • "The ladies go nuts. I'm a gentlemen. I'm always well-mannered. I never cross the line. That's a good ladies man. " -Fabio
  • "If I don't get the restaurant up and running in the next year, I will have to take a job for someone else which will definitely be a blow to my ego." - Jen
  • "Sometimes I might need to get Top Chef behind there to get them through the lunch rush with half a flattop because god knows I could do this on a bunson burner with one hand tied behind my back, blindfolded." - Spike
  • "After All-Stars, Eric [Ripert] was not so proud of me for the way I went out. It wasn't a good representation of what he has taught and I went out maybe with too many curse words?" - Jen

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  1. When these contestants were on “Top Chef” we were only shown a glimpse of their personalities. I’m glad Bravo created “Life after Top Chef,” at least they appear to be honest in their reasons for being on the show. I missed the premiere episode because of my new work schedule at DISH. I’m glad Bravo added this show, as it’s a good teaser until “Top Chef: Seattle” begins. My Hopper recorded the first episode, and with all the DVR recording space available I’m going to record the rest of this season, and get ready for the new “Top Chef” series.