10/23/2012 05:01:00 PM

The 90s Are Back at Chuck's Manufacturing

Photo courtesy of Chuck's Manufacturing by Anthony Tahlier
The year is 1996 and inflatable furniture is all the rage. The Spice Girls have released their debut album and a baby named Abigail Breslin was born. Do you feel old yet? It’s ok, because you can return to a simpler time when Pok√©mon characters mattered more than celebrity chefs. At Chuck's Manufacturing, metal orbs, neon plastic accents and Technicolor rugs will welcome you back to the 90s.

It’s located in the Hard Rock Hotel – a good fit for the eye-searing color scheme – and best appreciated under the influence of something…think a grunge rocker's best friend. There is a cocktail menu that makes us wax nostalgic for the days of colorful scrunchies. Their take on Cherry Coke includes Grey Goose cherry noir vodka, Coke, cherry vanilla bitters and a drunken cherry. The “grease monkey” sounds tempting for anyone who wants to forget their name: Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Maestro Dobel tequila, agave and lime.

How about some food? The menu is equally as confused as diners will be after navigating the bar, lounge and dining room separated by PVC piping. Start with some chicken and waffles; then sample a few “hometown favorites” also knows as a selection of hot dogs; they also serve burgers, pasta, steaks and seafood. Anyone can “manufacture” dinner by choosing from any three items of the menu marked with a gear.

We loved the 90s, but we're not totally sure we're ready to bring snap bracelets back. We suppose we'll have a few drinks and think on it...


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