10/12/2012 01:59:00 PM

The 5 Best Cheesesteaks in Philly

The growing sophistication of our dining scene notwithstanding, the cheesesteak will always be an iconic Philly food. Whether you’re satisfying a craving for a belly-filling snack or showing off the city’s most well-known sandwich to visiting friends, what’s the best bet for a great one? The answer might surprise you! According to the results of our 2013 Philadelphia Restaurants Survey, there are two new entries on our list of the top five cheesesteak joints in town (perhaps the drug bust at Jim’s on South helped knock that eatery off the list?). Check them out below, and let us know if your favorite cheesesteak slinger made the grade, either in the comments or on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatPhilly2013.


  1. Laspada's in Parkside makes one damn good Cheesesteck.

  2. I've been a huge fan of Dalessandro's ever since the new owners took over. Friendly people, great steaks!!