10/08/2012 01:19:00 PM

The 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Piccolo makes the Top 10
We released the results of the 2013 Los Angeles/So. California Restaurants survey this week, and there are plenty of familiar names in the top 10. With the exception of top chefs like Michael Cimarusti and Josiah Citrin, the list is almost evenly split between Japanese and Italian restaurants, which gives you an inkling to the type of cuisine most voters are going for this year. You'll even find a contender in Long Beach. Click through the slide show below to see the best of the best, and let us know what you think of the rankings in the comments (or via Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatLA2013).


  1. Why not just call the article the best sushi in LA??

  2. I don't live in LA and don't eat there very often any more.

    But come on ZAGAT, I know that there has got to be at least one good Mexican food place, or a great steak house, or even a good place for soul food in the LA basin. Can't you find something besides sushi?

  3. Unfortunately, Angelini is highly over rated. I've experienced far better at Piccolo, Drago Centro, & cheaper at Colori.

  4. Echigo is unpretentious, focused on the food not into hype & making "Gringoized" rolls with ingredients that clash with busy dissonant flavors such as rainbow roll, caterpillar, etc.

  5. Excellent Sushi, but unfriendly attitude is cold & subtly pretentious.

    1. Forgot to mention above comment about unfriendly attitude applies to Sushi Zo

  6. Asanebo staff is cool with warm, welcoming service in a funky, kind of hole in the wall glamour.