10/09/2012 10:44:00 AM

The 10 Best Restaurants in the DC Area

Inn at Little Washington
A vibrant mix of sumptuous dining destinations, adventurous chefly concepts and ethnic good values comprise the Top Food list in the just-released 2013 Washington, DC/Baltimore Restaurants Survey. The victors cover dining territory from Virginia’s hunt country to Downtown DC to Frederick, MD, a restaurant boomtown with two entries on this list. When you want a memorable gastronomic adventure or just some truly great food, these are the spots to consider. Click through the slide show below, and let us know what you think of the rankings in the comments (or via Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatDC2013).


  1. Saying Frederick is in the DC area is like saying San Francisco is in the Los Angeles area or Baltimore is in the DC area. Also, Chez Francois and the Prime Rib? Really. Is this from a 1960-1970 survey? Has no one heard of Michel Richard's Central or Fiola

    1. Have no idea what "Anonymous" means.

  2. You really need to work on your analogy logic. SanFran and LA are 6 hours apart! Frederick and Baltimore are less than 1 hour. 100% agree on your other point...the others you list are superb. And what about Citronelle and CityZen? But Lucky Corner instead...very good, but that's a stretch. The others are in a completely different league.