10/04/2012 02:37:00 PM

Sons & Daughters Grows Up: Cutting Seats, Upping Prices and Service

Sons & Daughters' chefs Matt McNamara (left) and Teague Moriarty (right)
Like others before them, such as Coi and Saison, Sons & Daughters chef-owners Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara will be making some big changes to their restaurant at the end of the month in a bid to up the dining ante for their customers. The Scoop reports that starting October 28, the team will increase the frequency of their dinner service from five nights to nightly, but will be cutting the number of seats in the dining room and increasing both the price and number of courses on their prix fixe.

“We’ve been wanting to take the next step up,” Moriarty tells the Chronicle. He goes to say that, “at this level of fine dining and at our price point, we want to do something unique and special.” To that end, the Under 30 honorees also announced that the new tasting menu offerings (which will increase to $135 per person, $130 for the vegetarian version, inclusive of service) will be delivered to the table by the chefs themselves to foster an even closer interaction between the kitchen and the guests. We must admit, we kind of saw this coming. Even in those halcyon days when Sons & Daughters first opened in 2010, their $48 four-course menu seemed too good to be true.


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