10/09/2012 02:47:00 PM

Sbarro Unveils Plans to Improve Menu, Transition into Fast-Casual Arena

Image via Flickr//me
Everyone's favorite 1980s mall pizza, Sbarro, is looking to class things up a la so many of its other fast-food competitors. The troubled pie-slinger, which filed for bankruptcy in 2011, is planning to retool its pies, spicing them up with freshly made tomato sauce, freshly shredded cheese and a new plan to turn its quick service model fast casual. What does that mean? Well expect Sbarro's to be more like a Panera Bread than an Auntie Anne's mall kiosk. Not only that but expect food trucks to began handing out the new 'za in a town near your - two vintage trucks are beginning a national tour, starting in New York and Los Angeles and working their way inward, doling out free slices. Sbarro has also begun testing its new fast-casual set-up at 10 locations across the country since early this summer. The test locations offer made-to-order pastas prepared in front of customer in 45 seconds via saute pans on induction stovetops. Read the full story here.


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