10/10/2012 09:05:00 AM

Riff Raff's Reopening Proves That Everything Needs A Trailer Video

Riff Raff's, the nightlife venue that is next to Hurricane Club, has been closed for the past couple weeks for a renovation. Well, the par-tay spot is set to reopen this weekend. How do we know this? They released a trailer video, natch. If you're announcing something these days in the restaurant industry, it seems that an online video is an absolute must have. In Riff's, they don't even show the new space - instead the vid details a few lovely ladies getting ready for the relaunch (spoiler alert: they paint some funny stuff on their faces). These promo reels are surely fun to watch, but we're not sure they actually get butts in the seats (or in this case, heels on the dance floor).


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