10/15/2012 12:12:00 PM

Review Your Favorites on Google+ Local!

We've been releasing 2013 survey results at a rapid clip - there are brand new reviews and ratings in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Whether you think the ratings are spot on or you feel that your favorite place was robbed, we want to hear about it! Remember, you can log on to Google+ Local all year long to show some love to your favorite spots (or sound off about why that place on the corner is totally over-hyped). Just click on the "Local" tab on your Google+ Profile and you can search for the restaurants you want to rate and review. Keep in mind that all Zagat scores are user-generated - you might just see your comments show up in some of our quotation marks.

While you're searching you can also scope out everyone else's comments (including all the peeps in your circles), so you'll know which spots to hit and which to avoid. Make sure the restaurant on your mind gets the praise (or criticism) it deserves - log on here and start reviewing.


  1. When Google gets G+ Local working so I get my city by default rather than one 200 miles away, I might feel moved to submit some reviews. This has been a "known problem" ever since Local went live.

  2. Sucks compared to old Zagat mobile. You get what you pay for.