10/30/2012 01:52:00 PM

Restaurants in Areas With Power Officially Mobbed, Downtown Eateries Trying to Make it Work

Though much of Downtown is still without power post Hurricane Sandy, people are venturing out on to the streets looking for a bit of anything other than the food they stocked up on in the run up to the storm. Seamless Web is still reporting service interruptions - if you are still not tired of delivery be sure to call the joint to make sure it's open before putting your order through (though one ready reports promptly receiving a call from Seamless corporate telling them that the restaurant in question was actually closed and their account would be refunded).

In Midtown, it was difficult to find a slice of bread at a deli, but they were mobbed none-the-less. The pizza joints that are open were selling slices as quickly as they could come out of the oven. A reader sent the above photo of The Smith in Midown, reporting that the joint is a madhouse, but even worse was the nearby Morningstar Diner, which had lines of folks out the door waiting for their chance to scarf some made-to-order chow.

There have been reports of wireless outages around town, and that same tipster reports that people are literally sitting on the sidewalk outside of Starbucks to snag the coffee chain's signal, which is apparently operational. Of course all of this is going on where the lights are on, but Downtown eateries are still trying to make it work. Owner Andrea Franchini of Pizza Roma in the West Village writes in to report that he "has a generator and made a lot of pizza in advance so he could open the front counter," but reminds that he will of course have to "see if the facilities are safe for workers and customers" before dishing out the pies. Judging by the appetites of crowds in other areas of town - we think his customers would be much obliged (and we'll give an update if he opens).

If you see any unique scenes, either of hurricane damage or of crazy crowds, send 'em this way to jmulcahy@zagat.com. Oh, and if you really want to go all out, Le Bernardin writes in to say that they are closed today, but will reopen tomorrow for lunch, and they promise that there will be someone working the reservations line by this afternoon.


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