10/15/2012 11:45:00 AM

Recap: Boston-NYC Food Truck Throwdown

Hannah works the window at Staff Meal on Saturday. Photo: Naomi Kooker
More than 10,000 people of all ages and from all over headed to Dewey Square on Saturday to eat and drink their way through the city’s first Food Truck Throwdown, a friendly gathering and competition between fourteen participating Boston and New York food trucks.

“It was a big party,” says Sara Ross, the mastermind of the event and the owner of Kickass Cupcakes, which has a storefront in Somerville and a truck. “We had lines straight up until 9 PM.”

The people voted Boston as best Food Truck City. (Not that we're unhappy with the results, but we can't help wondering whether the outcome would differ if it was in NYC). The winning food categories included Best Savory item (Staff Meal, Boston); Best Sandwich (Lobsta Love, Boston); Best Sweet item (Wafels & Dinges, New York); Best Asian-inspired item (Bon Me, Boston); and Best Seafood item (Nuchas, NYC).

We had our personal favorites - the bacon waffle from Wafels & Dinges, NYC and the spicy chicken empanadas from Nuchas, NYC. But time was tight, so in all fairness, we didn’t get to taste all the treats from all the trucks.

Ross says, “The idea popped into my head one night.” She tweeted to the food truck association in New York City to get the ball rolling. “They were enthusiastic from the start.” So were we! Fingers crossed the streets will clear for a throwdown next year.

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  1. Fishing Shrimp from NY won best taco..but was not mentioned..