10/24/2012 11:37:00 AM

Ramen Road: 6 Places to Find Ramen in Philadelphia

Hiro Ramen offers Philly's most authentic ramen experience
Until recently, if you mentioned ramen to a Philadelphia-area diner, they’d more likely recall austere college suppers made in Styrofoam cups than think of the rich broths pervasive throughout Japan. But in just the last few months, the Philly scene has exploded, and there are now several accessible ramen-ya for soup lovers to seek out. In fact, if you plot the restaurants on a map (see here), they make almost a straight line centered around Chestnut Street, all the way from West Philly to Old City. We traveled this “Ramen Road” to find out who’s cooking what - from pork-rich tonkotsu to flavor-forward shoyu - and where you can find the best savory bowls to warm your belly. Read on to find out more.


  1. This vegetarian ramen is very similar to what I enjoyed in Japan last year. Lots of soy and broth, along with hearty noodles and a lot of creativity.

  2. You snubbed Tampopo! I used to go to the University City location all the time.