10/23/2012 01:17:00 PM

Public School 310 Coming to Culver City in December

PS 612 Downtown
As other parts of town become burger vortex's - Hollywood and Pasadena come to mind - Culver City is teeming with gastropubs. There's Fathers Office at the Helms Bakery Complex, Waterloo & City and Corner Door over on Washington, and City Tavern and Ford's Filling Station, the first to start the trend in the neighborhood, in the Downtown area. Now we can add Public School 310 to the list, the pubby concept from group behind The Daily Grill and Grill on the Alley that's taking over the former Fraiche location. According to the guys handing us seafood cocktail and short rib tacos at The Food Event on Sunday, the new Public School is set to debut on December 6.

The first location inside the Daily Grill at 6th and Flower in Downtown LA was basically a renovation of the bar area, turning it into PS 612 (so named for its address, which is how all Public School's will be named). It's found success for classic pub fare and a good craft beer list, a recipe that seems to do well anywhere these days and is much more with the times than the other Grill concepts. The company plans to expand this new brand, too, opening locations across Southern California. Next will be Public School 805 next to the Daily Grill in Westlake Village, which will debut in 2013.


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