10/30/2012 01:15:00 PM

Photos: Chef Ming Tsai's One-Night Takeover of Takashi

How often does one have the opporunity to chow down of turkey scallopini in an upscale French-Asian restaurant such as Takashi. Not often, except when chef Ming Tsai takes over the kitchen for one night in conjunction with the launch of his new book Simply Ming In Your Kitchen. The five course dinner menu was adapted from recipes from the book, which features easy-to-make dishes with QR codes linked to demo videos.

Even though the book is designed for Susie homemaker, last night's meal was anything but domestic. The five-course dinner with beverage pairings began with sushi rolls and a refreshing sake cucumber martini. The prep might have been a bit too advanced from the average home cook - we can't say we roll sushi in our free time - but the rest of the meal was sophisticated yet approachable.

A course of dim sum was paired with a Hitachino Nest White Ale. It's a welcome change to see cocktails and beer rather than traditional wine pairings. The beer paired well with two of the three dumplings which were fried - smashed shrimp shumai and honey crab wonton. The third, with fennel halibut, was steamed and its light flavor also worked well with the pale ale.

The next course was the overwhelming favorite at the table, a broiled miso-glazed salmon. In hindsight, we should have inquired about the origin of the stunning piece of fish, but we were too enamored by the bright pink filet of flaky yet succulent seafood. We don't like throwing around the word "perfect," but the preparation of this salmon was pretty close.

Then that infamous turkey scallopini, which made us suspicious upon our initial reading, but left us satisfied with a slice of comfort food accompanied with black bean-onion sauce and spinach. Another hearty dish followed with eight-spice lamb shoulder served with couscous. The meal concluded with cardamon chocolate cake served with lemongrass panna cotta topped with sliced strawberries.

The meal was delicious and only topped by chef Takashi and Tsai's hospitality. Check out some more images below and try out your own epic dinner by grabbing a copy of Simply Ming In Your Kitchen.


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