10/03/2012 09:30:00 AM

NYC Survey Results: What Is New York's Favorite Cuisine?

The results of our 2013 New York City Restaurants survey came out today, and it turns out that city dwellers prefer one cuisine more than any other. Sure, Italian is popular - when you average the Food score of every red-sauce restaurant in the city you get 23.08. That's edged out by Spanish eateries though - that category receives a 23.33 for cuisine. But that's still not the best. New Yorkers prefer Japanese restaurants more than any other - the average score for the city's sushi joints is 24.33, by far the highest.

The Top 10 Restaurants list features two stellar Japanese joints. Sushi Yasuda is ranked at number nine and Sushi Seki is number 10 (both received scores of 28). Other Japanese eateries on our top list include Masa, Nobu (both have Food scores of 27) and Morimoto (26). But the title of New York's favorite cuisine is more about a lot of solid neighborhood shops than a few super fancy venues. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or via Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatNYC2013.


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