10/19/2012 02:38:00 PM

NY Craft Spirits Guide: The Local Distillers You Need to Know

Just in time for Halloween, we delve into the spirits of New York. No, not the ghostly kind, but the bold, strong, and flavorful liquors that have been popping out of distilleries all over the state. Ten years ago, finding spirits made in New York wasn’t so easy, but thanks to some relaxed zoning laws, the growth of the craft liquor movement, and the innovative distillers in the area, Empire State hooch is on its way to be shaken, stirred, and mixed into all sorts of cocktails. Now there are about 30 craft distilleries and producers in the area - some names you might recognize, and others you might not have heard of. Click through the below slideshow to see the local spirits you absolutely need to know.


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