10/12/2012 09:44:00 AM

Night Of The Living Dead Bars: The Resurrection of Bonny's

Still trying to figure out that Halloween costume? Two Chicago bars are two steps ahead of you. Lula Cafe and Scofflaw will be dressing up as other bars and  throwing some killer parties to celebrate. Credit must be given to Lula for this genius idea, last year they dressed as Taco Hell with special guest Rick Bayless as the devil. They have also parodied Hot Doug’s with Not Doug’s and Kuma’s Corners with Luma’s Corner.

This year on Halloween, they will transform into the Violent Hour complete with classic cocktails. Down the street is another party with a very different drink menu. Anyone already missing the recently departed Bonny’s can visit it’s resurrected version in Scofflaw on October 31. PBR and whiskey will be on special for $5 and there will be no cocktails but lots of tamale guy-style tamales. Bonny’s very own DJs will be fueling a drunken dance party that lasts until the final slutty zombie departs.


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