New PBS Series, The Mind of a Chef, to Feature David Chang, Narration by Bourdain

Image via PBS/Eater
The world can't seem to get enough of food/travel guru Anthony Bourdain (check him out in a recent Google+ Hangout here) and hence, there is yet another Bourdain-narrated food show hitting the air waves entitled: The Mind of a Chef, which premieres November 9 on PBS. Produced by Zero Point Zero, the premise is essentially a food travel show done from the perspective of various chefs.

For the first season, the show will focus on of Momofuku's David Chang - who in the trailer we see country-hopping, cooking and eating with some other food notables like Peter Meehan and Harold McGee. No doubt prodded by the public's ever-worsening deitization of chefs, the show seems to promise a deep exploration inside the minds of various toques to an exhaustive degree. Hell, who knew that besides cooking, David Chang also loves to travel, hit golf balls, cook with rotting bananas and eat bologna sandwiches with Aziz Ansari?! Watch a preview of the upcoming show here. [via Eater]

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