10/08/2012 02:25:00 PM

London Loaf: Who Is the Best British Baker?

Who makes the best bread in London? (And by bread we mean the real stuff made by kneading and mixing dough not the processed slices found in the supermarket.) Earlier this year The Real Bread Campaign launched the Londoners Loaf competition to find out - and over the weekend the winner was announced at the Real Bread Festival.

Drum roll, please...

The Peckham Rye baked by advertiser-turned-baker Fergus Jackson took home first prize. The delicious bread is a 20% rye flour sourdough made at Brick House Bakery in East Dulwich (just off Peckham Rye Common). Jackson opened the small bakery only five months ago and produces just six types of bread at the moment for local shops, cafes and a weekly stall. After this award we have a feeling those numbers - like his bread - might be on the rise.


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