10/24/2012 02:52:00 PM

Le Bec Fin Introduces iPad Menus and Lower Price Options

At Fountain, iPads are used for the wine list; at Le Bec Fin they replace all menus
At the Four Seasons’ Fountain, iPad wine lists are just one of several modern touches in the white-tablecloth-style dining room, yet they are still often turned down by guests in favor of more traditional paper. Come Friday, that will no longer be an option for patrons at fellow Philadelphia fine dining establishment Le Bec Fin. Taking to heart recent criticism that he did not do enough to modernize Le Bec 2.0 after reincarnating Georges Perrier’s icon, owner Nicolas Fanucci is doing away with paper menus entirely, for both food and wine. He has also introduced new, lower priced menus for both lunch and dinner. (Both changes were first noted in the Philadelphia Weekly and confirmed by us with a restaurant representative.)

In addition to the starting prix fixe options of $150 for dinner and $55 for lunch, diners will be able to choose a four-course, $85 evening experience or a $39 three-course midday meal. The tasting menus at all price points will still be customized to guests’ preferences, which is why an iPad menu makes sense; every bill of fare is unique, and digital is easier to customize, as well as saving wasted paper. Another benefit: though Fountain’s staff told us anecdotally it’s usually older folks who refuse to use the touch tablets, digital text can be resized and made easier to read - a feature that would benefit exactly those who disdain the devices. If a customer requests, a paper menu will be provided.

Eater comes up with another rumored tidbit: Fanucci also plans to remove several of the antique chandeliers that were a fixture in Perrier’s dining room. Most agree Le Bec Fin chef Walter Abrams’ food is top notch while remaining cutting edge - now the rest of the room is starting to catch up.


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