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Joe Grossman Tells Us About Patty & Bun's New West End Restaurant

Over the summer we told you the exciting news that Joe Grossman had found a permanent spot in the West End for Patty & Bun - his roaming burger restaurant. Now that the details have been finalised, we pinned him down to hear the full story. 

Zagat: Firstly, where is the new restaurant and when does it open?
Joe Grossman: It's the former Stockpot site at 54 James Street, W1, just north of Bond Street tube station. We are hoping to open mid to late November.

Zagat: What should people expect at the new restaurant?
JG: The space is small, slightly raw and eclectic with tongue-in-cheek burger sketches spray-painted on the walls and furniture, and benches made from reclaimed wood. There will be around 30 covers with a few bar seats (service bar, not a drinking bar). It will hopefully be a cool, buzzing little joint - bringing back a bit of that neighbourhood feel to a street full of big chains. Think understated, simple and fun. 

Zagat: What about the menu?
JG: The menu will be short, focused and affordable. Provenance of ingredients is essential, and we use the freshest and tastiest that we can get our hands on. As far as burgers go, all the classics from our previous pop-ups and residencies will be on offer, with little tweaks that have made them even better. We've got the 'Ari Gold' cheeseburger with smoked grained mustard mayo (an In-N-Out style Umami Thousand Island mayo concoction), the 'Smokey Robinson' with slowly reduced caramelised onions and mounds of maple-cured smoked streaky bacon, and triple-cooked chips with rosemary salt. There will also be some new additions such as a lamb burger with cumin aïoli.

Zagat: And to drink?
JG: The same ethos of simple and focused. We will serve a few cult beers, a few red and white wines, some spirits along with a cheeky 'Rum 'n' Ting' cocktail and ice-cold Red Stripe beer.

Zagat: Going back to the beginning - why burgers? How did it all start?
JG: The whole journey started over a year ago when I was in NYC taking down the infamous Shack Shake. I've always loved burgers and wanted to do my own thing in food. The pop-up revolution was going nuts and I had done a lot of development on some awesome products with the help from Mark Jankel who started Street Kitchen, so I decided to just go for it and get the product and the brand out there and see what happens. The initial pop-up/residencies went really well. We had great feedback and real demand for the little burger beauties. The plan was always to use the pop-up as a platform to test ideas for a permanent site - and then the right site came along.

Zagat: What were you doing before you started flipping burgers?
JG: I worked at Roast in Borough Market for a couple of years, then at a few quick-service joints to get some hands-on experience to prepare me for the burger journey! It was definitely beneficial - and a massive learning curve - which helped me get insight into the different areas of the restaurant world. 

Zagat: Besides you own, what is your favourite burger in London?
JG: Elliot's in Borough Market does a mean burger. They use brilliant ingredients and don't over-complicate it - the garlic aïoli is winning.

Zagat: Anything else you want to tell us?
JG: See you down there!

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