10/30/2012 07:32:00 AM

Heston Blumenthal's Tampon Palate Cleanser

We can always count on experimental chef Heston Blumenthal to give us something completely unexpected. From snail porridge to chicken curry ice cream, maximising on flavour and enhancing taste has always been his priority. But a tampon palate cleanser? That might be taking things a step too far. Even for him.

Over the weekend Blumenthal told the Guardian he has been experimenting with using a tampon to soak up the juices in his mouth between courses. "If you drain the moisture in your mouth you experience richness, creaminess and sweetness more intensely ... and there is really nothing much more absorbent than a tampon."

The crazy idea came from oral physiologist Don Price who works at a food research centre in the Netherlands. The two played around with putting different tampons in their mouths and discovered the impact on the tastebuds is immediate: "If you have a spoonful of ice-cream then put a tampon on the tongue for a couple of minutes, when you eat the ice cream again the taste will be richer."

Luckily Blumenthal realises the idea is a little weird and will not be serving tampons between courses at any of this restaurants. "It's certainly not something I would do for culinary enjoyment purposes, but it's an interesting way to explore the taste receptors in our mouth."


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