10/01/2012 02:44:00 PM

Gerber Group Will Operate The LCL in Westin Grand Central

The Westin Hotel Grand Central is starting its roll out this month - the property will add 774 rooms to Midtown East's scene. And what would any new city hotel be without a bar and restaurant? We've learned that this property will house The LCL: bar & kitchen, a multi-purpose eatery run by NYC's Gerber Group. They are the team behind The Stone Rose in the Time Warner Center, and bars like Lilium and Whiskey Blue at the Big Apple's W Hotels. This restaurant will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner but in true Gerber fashion it will play host to a late-night lounge with hours stretching toward 4 AM.

The design will take inspiration from nature - think wallpaper that looks like trees - and there will be an espresso and juice bar that will operate during the day, with coffee from Stumptown and juices from Organic Avenue. There will be a second entrance on 42nd Street, which presumably will appeal to those stopping by for a drink as the night progresses. Stay tuned for a debut in the next couple weeks (212 East 42nd St.).


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