10/11/2012 11:12:00 AM

Find Local Favorites With the Zagat App for Android

Today, our new Android app is launching - excitement! Check our our Managing Director Bernardo Hernandez's thoughts on the new (and free) app, and download yours on Google Play. 
Whenever I’m traveling to a new city, I always seek out information about the restaurants near my hotel to figure out where to grab a bite to eat. Like millions of users, I rely on the power of Zagat’s curated reviews to help me make dining decisions.

Today we’re unveiling our new, free app for Android to make this process easier. 

While our ratings and reviews were always available in guidebooks and to paid digital subscribers, a few months ago, we announced our integration into Google+ Local to help more people easily access Zagat scores, editorial reviews and recommendations. Now, we’re making the mobile app experience more consistent with the one you’re already accustomed to across Google+ Local, Google Search and Google Maps.

Through our app you can browse thousands of restaurants in the world’s top destinations and refine your search with more than 100 filters and special features that matter to you, like whether the place has outdoor seating, or is child-friendly. Simply sign-in to Google+ to get the most from the app and to share your experiences with the Google+ community. 

Whether you’re searching for the best Thai takeout or planning a celebratory family dinner, we hope you’ll let Zagat be your guide. 

Bon Appetit,

Bernardo Hernandez
Managing Director, Zagat

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