10/22/2012 03:01:00 PM

Fette Sau Brings BBQ, Beer and Booze to Fishtown

Less than four months after we first heard about the project, Fette Sau is open on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, serving up smoked meats, growlers of craft beer and an impressive array of brown liquors. Stephen Starr partnered with NYC’s Joe Carroll (read our interview here) to bring an outpost of the successful Brooklyn ‘cue stop to Philadelphia, Carroll’s first expansion to another city. We stopped in over the weekend and can report that while lines aren’t yet trailing down the block like they do in Williamsburg, the large, open dining room already gets very busy. It also seems Starr has no need to worry about the newcomer poaching customers from Frankford Hall, right next door, as both venues were buzzing. What’s so special about the place? Check out the slide show below for what you’ll find when you go.

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  1. This is the closest we are getting in Philly to Black's BBQ in Lockhar, TX the place that Percy Street was trying to duplicate. Why? First the meat is better but MOST important, they sell the meats by exact weight. So you can get 1/4 lb of brisket, 1/4 lb of pork,one short rib and a side and not have to buy a fixed platter. So, for a "smack" you can just grab a rib or two and a beer. This is how they sell it in Teaxs. BTW, Bubba's BBQ around corner (on Girard) has let atmosphere and only sells sandwich with side or a platter. You can't mix and match.

    Okay don't all rush to Fette Sau. I'll never get in!