10/18/2012 05:13:00 PM

Evelyn Drinkery Cements Avenue C's Cocktail Cred

This week we published our list of Underrated Bars, and a common refrain we heard from readers is that we should have included Evelyn Drinkery, a new cocktail haunt on Avenue C. The joint breaks its cocktail list down into for categories - collins drinks, cocktails, juleps and spirited phosphates. Spirited whats-a-now? Those drinks are made with housemade sodas and a hit of phosphoric. There's also punch on tap - not gonna argue with that.

This new bar anchors Avenue C as a cocktail destination. Right now you've got Summit Bar and The Wayland a few blocks away, and the crew behind Edi and the Wolf are set to open spirits den The Third Man later this year. Yes, please. For now, you can start your cocktail crawl at Evelyn, located at 171 Avenue C.


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