10/16/2012 03:00:00 PM

Drink Outside the Box: 5 Alternative Spots in SF to Get Your Cocktail On

photo: Rick Camargo Photography
We all have our favorite down-and-dirty watering holes and shmancy restaurant bars, but some of the most interesting places to enjoy a drink in this town take place outside the bar. After all, there’s more to drinking than just getting buzzed. From a curated art tour of the Nureyev exhibit to a mojito-fueled planetarium show to a yacht-club-themed farm-to-glass cocktail party, the city plays host to some great alternative cocktail spots, many of which feature top mixologists behind the sticks. Click through the slide show below to discover five of our favorite places to feed your mind while you whet your whistle, and follow along with our mixology coverage on social media with the hashtag #drinksweek.


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