10/25/2012 06:04:00 PM

Cramming For Campanile's Final Weekend

It's sort of hard to believe that tonight is the final Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile. What started with Nancy Silverton creating an array of sandwiches with her panini press turned into one of the most heralded special-menu nights in town. Not only did she make grilled cheese haute (and even wrote a cookbook based on the night), it started a whole theme-night trend in the dining scene. And after she moved on from the restaurant, the Thursday night ritual continued, down to the last week.

And so with Mark Peel and company closing the restaurant after next Wednesday's Halloween bash, this is the last time to get your grilled reuben or burrata and with prosciutto, maybe a side of fries and a beer. It was announced earlier on Facebook that tonight will be packed, and that Peel will be at the press himself but "too busy to chat, thanks for understanding." But it's worth trying to get in while you can.

The last few days are understandably booked as everyone tries to get one last meal in at a restaurant that helped change the way we eat in LA and launch the career of so many local and nationally known chefs. There have been eulogies and reminiscing from critics far and wide, and there are some charming tributes to staff and from regulars on Facebook. You still have time, too: The restaurant will be serving lunch, brunch and dinner through next week.


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