10/25/2012 11:54:00 AM

Could You Eat This Hot Dog in an Hour?

Earlier this week we told you about the latest and greatest hot dogs on offer in London - but it turns out we missed out on the largest of all dogs.

The Monster Dog - an enormous 13,000-calorie hot dog -  has just been unveiled at a Smokey's Joint in Birmingham. The 1.5 kg beef sausage is over one metre long topped with a pound of homemade chilli and cheese. It is currently the largest hot dog in Europe. Despite the 34,274 mg of salt and 1,000 grams of fat, Smokey's Joint is challenging customers to eat the whole thing in one sitting. According to the the Daily Mail so far 80 people have tried and failed. The hot dog costs £29.95 or is free if you can eat it in an hour.


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