10/04/2012 04:15:00 PM

Coming To A Parking Spot Near You: Food Trucks

Well, the food trucks will be coming to a parking spot near you, assuming you are located in the Loop, Wicker Park or North Side. The 23 proposed food truck parking spots - as promised by the passing of the food truck regulations - can accommodate one to three tucks.

Redeye mapped out the locations of the designated parking areas. There are some obvious pro and cons to the plan. First, the plan would allow a high concentration of trucks in areas already saturated with restaurants. Considering one of the talking points for those who opposed less stringent food truck regulation was that the trucks would compete with brick-and-mortar establishments, placing the spots in peak dining locations seems counter-intuitive. However, these areas contain more restaurants because there are more people and businesses surrounding them. More people means more foot traffic for the trucks.

The truck stop ordinance is up for approval at the next city council meeting.


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