10/15/2012 12:58:00 PM

Classic Cocktails Spun Into Cotton Candy At The Barrelhouse Flat

Happy mixology week! What does one get to celebrate the launch of Zagat’s first ever mixology survey? In addition to a whole week of booze-fueled fun (and perhaps a hangover or two), we wanted to kick-off the liquored-up week with something extra special – no, not tiny umbrellas.

At The Barrelhouse Flat, patrons are eating their cocktails. Although all the classics are still being poured, a few have tuned into cotton candy - just like the clown used to make. Much on the fernet flavor or chew on some chartreuse. They also offer laphroaig and aviation. Only during the month of October, salted caramel is also being spun.

A big bowl of boozy goodness costs $5.


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