10/16/2012 12:36:00 PM

Brace, Los Angeles: Eataly IS Coming

Eataly NYC
We all know Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali are bringing Eataly to LA, but two questions still remain: where and when. Apparently after the Italian mecca opens in Chicago, which will happen in 2013. Bastianich tells Diner's Journal that after Chicago, Los Angeles and Istanbul will be next, and that the company is also negotiating for space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and plan another Eataly in Italy.

There were rumors that it would plop down in West Hollywood, which fits one restaurant consultant's conjecture that Eataly will work in any city "as long as there is an urban mass - a high-density location with a mix of offices, residences and retail stores." He also admits that in LA, it needs "an area with population density and diversity." If they want to hit $85 million in sales, like New York in its second year, then, yes, there has to be a lot of people, easy parking, foot traffic, etc. But that can be so many locales in LA (or can it?), so we're still asking this question: Where should it live?


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