10/23/2012 03:35:00 PM

Booze You Can Use: The Red Mittaroni vs. the Blue State Cocktail at Jasper's

Vote with your gullet: the "Blue State" Blue Steel Cocktail or the "Red" Mittaroni
It's 3 AM. Who you do want making your cocktail? Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen is the latest entrant to jump into the political fray with a drinking litmus test to predict the winner of the presidential election. The bar is rolling out two new politically-inspired cocktails: a red "Mittaroni" negroni and a blue "Blue State" Blue Steel cocktail. Both are $9 but here's our little beef with the contest. The Negroni is a fairly straightforward rendition of the drink served on the rocks (Plymouth Gin, Campari and house-blended sweet vermouth) and is already a Jasper's house specialty. The Blue Steel cocktail is a flamboyantly blue fruity number, made with Flor de Cana white rum, Appleton V/X, orgeat, passion fruit, lime juice, Bols Blue Curacao and Angostura bitters, served in a curvy Belgium beer glass with a paper umbrella for heaven's sake. 

We're all down with a little cocktail competition, but as a predictor of the election? Will people be voting with their palates and or their politics? I for one will be ordering the "Mittaroni" but punching a different name in the ballot box on November 6. We'll check back after the election to see how accurate the cocktail competition was.


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