10/05/2012 03:46:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Takahachi's Pressed Sushi

Photo: Zhanyi Jiang
It's fairly uncommon to see oshizushi (pressed sushi) at restaurants here in New York, but last night at Gohan Society's Aki Matsuri event, Takahachi treated guests to two different versions. Despite being labor intensive (batches are made with wooden molds used to create large pieces which are then cut down to smaller ones), pressed sushi is tricky to make because high quality rice must be used and cooked just so - otherwise the grains will crush when layered into the box. Both the fluke (served with matsutake, chives, yuzu and kelp) and cured salmon (with salmon roe, nori and kelp) offered that pleasing combination of fresh fish with vinegar, citrus and a hint of salt. For those interested in trying it, the salmon one can be ordered at both Takahachi's TriBeCa and East Village locations.


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