10/22/2012 02:23:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate: Bizarra Capital's Lamb Chorizo Tostada

We had a lot of great food at LA Mag's The Food Event yesterday, a party that just keeps getting better year after year. Some food highlights were the lovely light liquid beet ravioli and goat cheese from Savory, Loteria Grill's rum-spiked horchata, smoked trout crostini from Hart and the Hunter, Lukshon's pork confit lettuce cups, of course Plan Check's fried chicken (always!), and a gorgeous fresh prawn with prawn caviar from The Royce. And that's just scratching the surface of what we could taste; we didn't get to everything (sorry, Cooks County dessert and Short Order meatball sandwich!).

But one dish that really stood out was this lamb chorizo tostada from Bizarra Capital, a Mexican gastropub in Whittier from the same guy behind Boyle Height's popular taco spot Guisado's and Cooks Tortas in Monterey Park. There was a lot of Mexican food around the event - squash blossom tamales and tacos, tacos, tacos - but this was a wonderful burst of flavor with mild lamb chorizo, a citrusy cheese crema, a few greens and guacamole. Simple, balanced and really delicious. Makes us want to get to Bizarra, fast, which is exactly what should happen when you go to these big food events. The chefs should really bring it so you'll be compelled to check out the restaurant. Mission accomplished, we'd say. It was a lovely sunny day in the Malibu mountains, topped off by a visit with the Saddlerock Ranch zebras and camels. Can't beat it for a Sunday, really.


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